High 12 Self Introduction Speech Topics

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Firstly, It is Me Or The Dog and her incessant use of clicker coaching. We never had to use that on our dogs and to this day I do not see the point of instructing the dog that a click means a treat. I really feel like the use of a clicker almost introduces a handicap in the training process right away. If we wanted the dog to do something we had two ways of going about doing it. Gently (however firmly) coaxing the dog into the specified nike air jordan 4 red october place or place; for example, a faucet on the rump for "sit" or picking up the foot for "shake". Or understanding the dog's pure response to issues; such as hitting the bottom with a deal with so the dog pouces- I mean lays down - onto it or emulating (or enjoying a recording of) a dog sound to get them to react for "communicate". To me it seems more direct and more true to how canine behave.

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